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What You Appreciate Increases In Value
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Mazimo Magic™ is a real-time service that connects people by making it fun and easy to share "Magic Moments" and appreciation with each other.

The Goldzone Group started Mazimo in 2004 as an online tool to share appreciation with clients and colleagues and to identify specific and correctable incidents that reduced service standards, disrupted team performance and caused reduced morale and lower productivity.

We added "Action Requests" to bridge the gap between email, organization tools and project management software to make it easy to send anyone with an email address a specific request for action to be done, by when, by whom and receive confirmation of its completion. Mazimo Magic™ makes this functionality available to anyone with an email address.

Mazimo Magic™ is a free application - upgradable to team and enterprise versions that include additional business tools and customization features.

Currently in Pre-Beta development. Release dates are available via our facebook group. Join as a fan to participate in the Private Beta program:

About Mazimo Magic™
About Magic Moments
About Action Requests
We all have experiences when someone did something special for us, went beyond the call of duty or lifted our spirits when we needed it most. We call these experiences Magic Moments.

Truth is, most Magic Moments go by and are not acknowledged or recorded and often times a mere thank you does not seem enough.

Our experience shows that what you acknowledge - you get more of. So when someone does something special for you, sending a specific note of appreciation and acknowledgement has them feeling very good - and encourages them to keep doing it. We call this sharing the magic.

A Mazimo Magic™ Moment is a way to send anyone with an email address an acknowledgement for what they have done and to make it easy for anyone to share and express their thoughts, feelings and how their actions made your day brighter, happier, or more cheerful.

Best thing is, the Mazimo Magic™ Application keeps a record of every Magic Moment sent and received by you.

This enables you to keep them as long as you want, review later, print or forward to others etc.

Share the magic, send a Mazimo Magic™ Moment now...
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